Lattice QCD Simulation with the Overlap Dirac Operator

I will present results of a simulation of quenched lattice QCD with ``overlap'' quarks on two separate lattices: the first an 18^3 x 64 lattice with \beta= 6.0 (lattice spacing a^{-1} ~ 2.0 GeV) and the second 14^3 x 48 with \beta = 5.85 (lattice spacing a^{-1} ~ 1.5 GeV). The overlap, or Neuberger, discretization of the Dirac operator preserves exact chiral symmetry, even at finite lattice spacing, allowing for an important property of continuum QCD to be preserved. We analyzed the hadron spectrum and calculated selected kaon weak matrix elements and other observables. We studied the use of extended operators in calculating meson and baryon correlation functions. Diquark correlations were also investigated, both for unphysical isolated diquark states and physical baryon diquark states.
hep group