Conformal Technicolor

We point out that the flavor problem in theories with dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking can be effectively decoupled if the physics above the TeV scale is strongly conformal, and the electroweak order parameter has a scaling dimension d = 1 + epsilon with epsilon \simeq 1/few. There are many restrictions on small values of epsilon: for epsilon << 1, electroweak symmetry breaking requires a fine-tuning similar to that of the standard model; large-N conformal field theories (including those obtained from the AdS/CFT correspondence) require fine-tuning for d < 2; `walking technicolor' theories cannot have d < 2, according to gap equation analyses. However, strong small-N conformal field theories with epsilon \simeq 1/few avoid all these constraints, and can give rise to natural dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking with a top quark flavor scale of order 10^{1/epsilon} TeV, large enough to decouple flavor. Small-N theories also have an acceptably small Peskin-Takeuchi S parameter. This class of theories provides a new direction for dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking without problems from flavor or electroweak precision tests. A possible signal for these theories is a prominent scalar resonance below the TeV scale with couplings similar to a heavy standard model Higgs.