Flavor physics in Randall-Sundrum I

We analyze the flavor sector of warped extra dimension models with low KK masses. We show, using a spurion analysis, that they have a simple underlying flavor structure controlled by the profiles of the zero modes, which are similar in all these models (Higgs and Higgsless ones). This implies that our results are robust and model independent within a wide class of models. Using this we derive predictions to various processes and confront those with experimental data (including BaBar and BELLE summer results). Finally, we demonstrate that with light KK masses, and anarchic $5D$ Yukawas the above framework has a ``CP problem'' since contributions to the neutron electric dipole moment are roughly 20 times larger than the current experimental bound. Refs: K. Agashe, M. Papucci and G. Perez, in preparation. K. Agashe, G. Perez and A. Soni, hep-ph/0408134; hep-ph/0406101, to appear in PRL;
hep group