Regularization of Non-commutative SYM by Orbifolds with Discrete Torsion and SL(2,Z) Duality

We construct a nonperturbative regularization for Euclidean noncommutative supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories with four (N= (2,2)), eight (N= (4,4)) and sixteen (N= (8,8)) supercharges in two dimensions. The construction relies on orbifolds with discrete torsion, which allows noncommuting space dimensions to be generated dynamically from zero dimensional matrix model in the deconstruction limit. We also nonperturbatively prove that the twisted topological sectors of ordinary supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory are equivalent to a noncommutative field theory on the topologically trivial sector with reduced rank and quantized noncommutativity parameter. The key point of the proof is to reinterpret 't Hooft's twisted boundary condition as an orbifold with discrete torsion by lifting the lattice theory to a zero dimensional matrix theory.
hep group