PY482 - Physics Seminar:
Current Research Topics in Particle Physics

Thursdays 3:30- 5 PM in Room PRB 261
Sep 16 Particle Detectors Scott Whitaker
Sep 23 Grand Unified Theories and Proton Decay Ed Kearns
Sep 30 Dark Matter Steve Ahlen
Oct 7 Measuring the Weak Interaction Rob Carey
Oct 14 Neutrino Oscillations and Neutrino Mass Ed Kearns
Oct 21 Top Quark Physics with D0 John Butler
Oct 28
Nov 4 Precision Measurements: g-2 and EDM Lee Roberts
Nov 9
note: Tuesday is Thursday this week no seminar on Tuesday however.  
Nov 18 Extra Dimensions Martin Schmaltz
Nov 25 The P.I.L.G.R.I.M. Experiment Tom Turkey
Dec 2 Lattice Theory of Quark Confinement Claudio Rebbi
Dec 9 Beyond the Standard Model Sheldon Glashow