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A DASH executable is started very similar to the way PAW is started. If you have a file in your home area called .dashlogon.kumac (Unix) or DASHLOGON.KUMAC (VMS), it will be executed. If you wish to redirect it to a different file, you may set the environment variable DASHLOGON (Unix) or logical name DASH$LOGON (VMS). It may also be specified on the command line with the -l option (Unix) or with /LOGON=logonf.kumac (VMS).

There are two commands that you may want to place in your logon file to override the default behavior of KUIP. The command HELP -N turns off the new default HELP behavior which pops you into an editor whenever you want help. Most help commands are relatively short. Also SET/BREAK TB is preferred when debugging since it will cause errors to provide a traceback of routines and line numbers. KUIP's default behavior is to trap errors and return to the command line interface. See HELP HELP and HELP SET/BREAK in a current version of PAW for the latest details.

You may also specify a file of DASH commands with the -b (Unix) or BATCH=batchf.kumac command-line options. This is the same as typing the command EXEC batchf as the only command of a job.

See KUARGS in the KUIP manual for more information.