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Print and debug levels

Although most switches (such as the value of cuts) should be controlled through the talk entrypoint, DASH does have a few special lines of communication set up. One can set two special ``levels'' from the command line: DASH> SET/PRINT_LEVEL n and DASH> SET/DEBUG_LEVEL n.

The print-level is intended to control diagnostic printing that you may include in your module. The print-level is initially zero; by convention you should print nothing but serious error messages. Setting the print level higher may then increase the amount of informational or diagnostic printing. Inside your analysis module you check the current print-level like this:

      IF (DASH_PRI_LEV() .GE. 1) WRITE(*,*) ' Something useful '

The debug-level works the same way, but you would control FORTRAN code that actually does something besides print information.