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If you are working on VAXGS::, DASH is already installed. You will find the library, documentation and command files in DISK$MACRO2:[MACROUSA.DASH]. The subdirectories such as [.V21] are for managing release versions. The current ``production'' version of the library will be in the top-level directory.

If you wish to install DASH on a remote VAX, you may simply copy the library, DASHLIB.OLB, from the above area, along with the documentation and command files.

If you wish to install DASH with source code, which is a necessity for Unix installation, you can take the file dashv21.tar from the [MACROUSA.DASH.V21] directory. Use ftp in binary mode. More information is included in AAA_INSTALLING_DASH.TXT in the same directory.

A starting library of modules and an example program can be found in [MACROUSA.MAD]. See AAA_*.TXT and appendix D for more information.

Good luck and have fun!