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HIST/HBOOK1 id chtitl nx xmi xma vmx [ dir ]


ID         I 'id:'
CHTITL     C 'title:'
NX         I 'number of bins:'
XMI        R 'x lower edge of first bin:'
XMA        R 'x upper edge of last bin:'
VMX        R 'vmx:'
DIR        C 'Hist Dir:' D=' '

Book histogram using HBOOK1.
This would be used to rebin a histogram after HIST/DELETE. See HBOOK1 in the HBOOK manual for more detail. Optional DIR will book the histogram in the specified directory.

Example: rebin a histogram without recompiling and relinking

DASH> book myana
DASH> h/delete 1001
DASH> h/book1 1001 "Transverse Energy" 100 0. 100. 0.