This is my 'soundtrack', if you will, for Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire, a novel from the Star Wars expanded universe. Scores for the other two books in the Thrawn Trilogy are in progress. Album art is by Bob Akers.

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1. Main Title and Thrawn's Meditation Chamber (Chapter 1)

2. Obi-Wan's Farewell (Chapter 2)

3. The Guardian of Wayland (Chapter 4)

4. Ambush on Bimmisaari (Chapters 6-7)

5. Council Meeting (Chapter 8)

6. Bpfassh (Chapter 10)

7. Return to Dagobah (Chapter 11)

8. The Tractor Beam (Chapter 16)

9. Thrawn's Discipline (Chapter 16)

10. Karrde and Mara Take Counsel (Chapter 21)

11. Skipray Chase (Chapters 22-23)

12. Mal'ary'ush (Chapter 25)

13. Myrkr Forest (Chapter 26)

14. Cloaking Device (Chapter 27)

15. Hyllyard City (Chapter 28)

16. The Battle of Sluis Van (Chapter 31)

17. Ackbar Arrested and End Title (including Mara Jade's Theme and the Noghri March) (Chapter 32)

Noghri March (same as End Title version)

Mara Jade's Theme (same as End Title version)

All tracks in .rar file

Front Cover

Back Cover