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How to link your program using VMS

  You should have the logical name DASH$LIBRARY defined. This is defined with DCL by @disk:[xxx.DASH]DASH_SETUP. You will need to know where DASH is installed on your computer to specify ``disk'' and ``xxx''. DASH_SETUP also creates a symbol called DASHLINK that you use to link your program.

Specify your modules for linking in a options file. This is a standard VMS feature, but perhaps you have not used it before. An options file is simply a list of files, just as they might follow a link command:

This is the same as:


if the file MY_OPTFILE.OPT consists of:


Now that you understand options files, make one that lists your declaration subroutine and your module and any other modules you intend to use. You actually link with the command:

$ DASHLINK <program-name> <options-file>

By convention, the name of the options-file should be the same as your program-name (see also how to name DASH_DECL- these are merely suggestions for bookkeeping). DASHLINK will link to the CERN libraries PACKLIB and KERNLIB for you. A perfectly acceptable alternative is for you to copy DASHLINK.COM to your area and use it as a template. You can put all the link directives into your own command (.COM) file.