Super-K Finds Evidence For Neutrino Mass

About the Super-K experiment and Atmospheric Neutrinos

Official Press Release From Super-K Collaboration Evidence For Massive Neutrinos
Press Release From Boston University Scientists Discover That Neutrinos Have Mass

Super-Kamiokande in the News

On the Web

SLAC SPIRES compendium

Physical Review FOCUS article (see quotes by famous physicists!)

Longbaseline Newsletter June 1998, Special Edition


Particle Weights in, just heavier than nothing Boston Globe, 6/5/98, page A3
A Neutrino Bombshell: It Has Mass Washington Post, 6/5/98, page 1 ps version
World of Physics Jolted by Finding on Neutrinos Los Angeles Times, 6/5/98 ps version
Particle May Help Solve Mysteries of Universe Christian Science Monitor 6/5/98
Who Cares if Neutrinos Have Mass?" AP 6/6/98 ps version

Mass Found in Elusive Particle; Universe May Never Be the Same New York Times, 6/5/98, page 1 ps version
Finances Worry Neutrino Researchers New York Times 6/6/98
Elusive Particles Continue to Puzzle Theorists of the Sun New York Times 6/9/98 ps version
Room in the Universe for Ancient Beliefs and Modern Physics New York Times 6/9/98

Clinton praises neutrino discovery UPI 5/6/98

Radio and TV

Neutrino- Interview with Art MacDonald Discovery Channel 6/16/1998
Physics rocked: neutrinos have mass Discovery Channel Science Wire 6/5/98
Scientists in Japan may have discovered secret to the universe's 'missing mass' CNN 6/5/98 ps version
Neutrinos Weighing In NPR Morning Edition 6/5/98
Call-Out on Neutrinos! NPR, Talk of the Nation 6/5/98
Neutrinos NPR Sounds Like Science, 6/6/98
ATC Satire NPR Satire, reporter talks to spokesman for the fictional Neutrino Foundation
Those Tiny, Invisible Particles
The Universe Gains Weight

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